Text A Friend Today to Save Voting Rights

So many of us feel it. We feel fear. We feel doubt. Division. We don’t know what will come next. But what we do know is that a minority of hate is trying to destroy democracy, deprive us of our rights, even our lives. So, it is especially important that we do whatever we can to support the passage of voting rights legislation. Without voting rights, all our other rights and privileges can be taken from us.


But to think we alone can do much can be both isolating and oppressive. What we can do is join with others. Text, call, share with friends and family. Talk about our fears, the need to feel we can do something. Discuss what we can say. Arrange a time to do it. And then call, text, email Senators to suspend the filibuster or change Senate rules so the Voting Rights Protection Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act can be passed.


The discussion in the Senate will continue today. Especially, call Senators Manchin (202-224-3954) and Sinema (202-224-4521, or—602-598-7327, 520-639-7080). Also, call Republican Lisa Murkowski (202-224-6665). She’s a longshot but she has, in the past, spoken about protecting voting. Just tell the Senators about your fears and how crucial it is to support voting rights legislation. Or something like: “Our nation is on fire with hate and division. Our democracy is threatened by violence from inside this nation, from a minority of hate. Please protect our rights by suspending the filibuster and supporting the 2 voting rights bills in the Senate.” Call twice just for fun.


What better use for texting is there than saving our rights, and possibly our future?