Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion Through Seasonal Moments

To teach compassion, and your subject matter, use empathy, imagination and mindfulness of seasonal moments.

To understand the season, winter, spring, summer or fall, what must we do?

To understand what the seasons mean to us, we utilize memories of past years, and past moments. We become aware of how everything is constantly changing. That life itself is change. One minute is different than the last.

And we must be aware how we, also, change. Not just our moods, sensations and thoughts, but how we feel as the earth changes.  We and the earth change together, although maybe not in the same way or at the same pace. Because the earth moves around the sun and is tilted at a certain angle, we experience sensations of cold or warmth. We become aware of what it feels like to be alive on this earth in this particular moment. We become aware that to understand the seasons we must understand the being who is doing the studying, namely ourselves.

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