Five Ways to Begin the School Year with Mindfulness and Compassion

For every teacher I know, the end of summer vacation means rising nervous energy, anxiety and excitement. It means getting ready to begin a new experience, with new students and sometimes a new curriculum.

To start the school year, or anything new, it is obvious that we must make plans. We need to determine where we want to go,andwhat we want to accomplish, in order to fulfill those objectives. But we often ignore the emotional side of getting ourselves ready. We need to use mindfulness and compassion, both for ourselves and our students.

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My Call Home: Coming Home to Yourself.

“…[N]o longer was my own darkness such a threat or my fears so powerful they stopped me from doing what needed to be done. I hitchhiked through eight countries that summer. I met many wonderful and a few awful people, improved my French and Spanish, and learned Italian so well a man from Genoa asked what part of Italy I was from. I told him Brooklyn, and he replied his son lived in Brooklyn. We both laughed. Later, we shared a drink before I left for another city.”


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Archetype in Action: Coming of Age

In this moment in history, it is clear the Emperor has no clothes. His greed, and the greed of those other Republicans around him, his destructiveness, and total lust for power even at the expense of everyone else, even at the expense of the nation, even at the expense of the world’s environment, is there for everyone to see.